The Big Cat Lover

This Tiger is one of evolution’s greatest form. It is an emotion- a language of power and courage. One of the world’s most enigmatic big cat the Tiger is an emblem of our India’s wild treasure and mother nature’s truest form. The Tigers has enthralled us for ages and India is the best place to give your dream its best chance to see one in the wild. With over 2500 tigers still roaming the wild covers of our country, India happens to be the world’s last hope of the emerald stripes With this we welcome you to the world of stripes through our page- ‘The Big Cat Lover’ . This is an initiative that strings our love for tigers through wildlife safaris to various jungles of India where the stripes rule. Every picture has a story to tell and our page – is a repository of vital information of tigers and all other wildlife across the planet. Together, let’s create one of the greatest bank of stripes that shall ensure that this living jewel of our planet shines the brightest in the days to come.


The Fastest on Planet Earth- Peregrine Falcon with Drongo Kill

Estuarine Salt Water Crocodile

Claws of Faith

The Buffy Fish Owl

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